School Messaging Examples

A Modern & Effective School Communication Platform

Real Time Alerts, Ads, & Announcements

Alerts are preset by the school administrator and can send to other teachers, students, parents, and administration. YOU get to establish the alert groups and members.

Daily School Announcements
School Athletic Schedules
School Athletic Event Changes
Performing Arts Schedules
Performing Arts Event Changes
Student Recognition
Staff Recognition
Principal Communications
Parent Communication
Alumni Communication

school messaging bookstore ads

Looking for ways to boost participation in school activities, special events, fund raising, and sales? Our advertising components are ready to assist.

Athletic Ticket Sales
Performing Arts Ticket Sales
Book Store Sales & Promotions
Year Book Sales
Food Service Sales & Promotions
Phone-a-thon Advertising
Student Club Fundraising
Special Event Ticket Sales

Communication with students and parents can be a challenge


Access to Send

That means a teacher/person has the ability to send the communication alert. Messaging alerts are configured for specific groups of users and followers, and can include parents, teachers, students, and administrative staff.



The YOU Alert templates are set by the school’s administrator and enabled for specific groups and followers. Your school branding and style guides can be followed to the letter.

Using these templates, users can alert and communicate with the right audience quickly and more efficiently in a variety of situations.


Effectiveness of Message

This is the most efficient way to communicate with your users. Don’t lose your message in social media algorithms and spam filters.  Full page infographic delivered to phones, along with automatic message tracking drive better results.

Improve school safety, and communicate more effectively with parents, teachers & students