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Receive alerts from organizations and institutions you follow.

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Get the latest information from organizations and institutions you follow.

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Manage appointments with businesses, organizations, and institutions you follow.

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Get exclusive specials and promos from places you follow.


Be fast to know,
not the last to know.

  • Respond quicker and act faster with real-time information
  • Get educational, government and business alerts including safety and security
  • Notifications appear on your lock screen of you connected devices
  • Share vital information with the ones you care about – even if they are not subscribers
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Get clear personal and professional announcements based on your preferences.

  • Stay informed. Get announcements from your local schools, stores, doctors or community at your desired frequency.
  • Change your preferences with different category options for each organization you follow.
  • Easily share announcements to others you think might benefit from the information.
  • Save your messages for later use based on your time constraints.
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Never miss an appointment again with our easy, streamlined communication system.

  • Get appointments sent directly to your device – straight from the source.
  • Set up reminders so you never miss a scheduled appointment.
  • Easily change appointments when the unexpected happens and quickly get notified if your appointment is cancelled.
  • YOU gives you the option of choosing three different time slots from the source when rescheduling an appointment.
  • Communicate appointments to your family with the patented share feature.
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Hear loud, clear promotions from all your favorite places.

  • Be the first to know when a promotion is coming from your favorite restaurants, stores, bookstores and any other organizations you follow.
  • Share the savings with your friends, family and colleagues.
  • Save your coupons with the click of a button.
  • Easily change preferences, notification frequency, favorites and categories.
  • See what’s popular by checking out the top-rated deals.
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Keep Your Children Safe & Secure

Every day tragedy floods the headlines. It’s time to take matters into your hands and give our schools the tool they need to effectively respond to threats before it’s too late.

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