Active Shooter Response System for Education – YOU Threat Alert

Is Your School Ready for an Active Shooter?

Active Shooter Response System Improves Police Officer Response Time

No school is really ever ready for a terror threat. Real time communication with school administrators, teachers and law enforcement can improve active shooter response time and may save lives. Ask your district to get the YOU Threat Alert in the hands of your teachers; the first line of defense for students.

Anatomy of an Active Shooter Threat

Typical Threat Alert Protocol


The average time for law enforcement to respond to an active crisis is 12.5 minutes, while average shooting duration is 18 minutes!

Source: Homeland Security, Charles Ergenbright and Sean Hubbard for law enforcement to respond to an active crisis

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Compare Typical with YOU Alert Response Time

Fast Police Response is in the Hands of Our Teachers

YOU Threat Alert Protocol


The YOU Threat Alert can reduce law enforcement response up to 75%, reducing the average responsive time by up to 9 minutes. YOU Get It First is specifically designed to protect students, faculty, and staff reliably with improved communication features and patent-pending technology.

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You Can’t Turn Back the Hands of Time.

The National Average time it takes for law enforcement to arrive at a terror threat is 12.5 minutes. Most terror activities, shootings, & hostage taking happen between 5 and 6 minutes.


The YOU Alert can reduce law enforcement response by up to 75%, reducing the average response time by 9 minutes. The YOU Alert is designed to protect students, faculty and staff.

Get the YOU Alert into the Hands of Our Teachers!

The Teacher

Your children’s first line of defense

Teachers are entrusted with the most valued responsibilities in life including your children’s education, development, and protection. YOU empowers teachers to protect your child with a simple, reliable tool designed to reduce response time and communicate critical information when seconds count. Teaching is a huge undertaking. Make sure that your children’s teachers, and administrators are prepared with YOU technology to meet any school threat at any time.