School District Emergency Communication Platform – YOU Threat Alert

Superintendents and Parents

Take Control of Your Crisis Communication

YOU Threat Alerts for Schools
A New Level of Security for Our Students

School District Emergency Communications

Improve School District Emergency Communication

When it comes to emergency communication, real time communication and coordination with school administrators, teachers and law enforcement can save time and may save lives. Take control of your emergency communications with YOU Threat Alert. Improve the flow of information to the district office, as well as your ability to communicate with parents in the community.

Maintaining a Safe Environment for Your Children

Students achieve their fullest potential through inspiring learning environments that are both safe and secure. Whether they are entering kindergarten or completing their bachelor degree, the YOU Threat Alert System helps educational facilities achieve the safest learning environment possible by placing real-time technology on your side. When combined with an aware and prepared educational staff, the YOU system empowers school administrators, teachers, students and the community to achieve a new standard in safety.

Enable a better flow and control of information in a crisis

YOU Threat Alert Protocol


The YOU Threat Alert can reduce law enforcement response up to 75%, reducing the average responsive time by up to 9 minutes. The district office stays “in the know” as a crisis unfolds, enabling better support for your schools, and a better ability to communicate with parents and the community.

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In an Emergency Situation, How Much is Each Extra Minute Worth to You?

Real Time Alerts

YOU Get it First notifies authorities, administrators, teachers, faculty, and law enforcement instantly.

Time Matters

School threats are a fast growing problem. YOU understands that a nationwide epidemic of violent school threats is breeding fear, anxiety and frustration for educators, students and parents.

YOU provides unified communications to authorities, educators, joint information centers (JIC’s) and families in major critical response situations. These saved communication minutes provide a valuable layer of technology preparedness to avert danger more quickly and safely than ever before.


You Can’t Turn Back the Hands of Time.

The National Average time it takes for law enforcement to arrive at a terror threat is 12.5 minutes. Most terror activities, shootings, hostage taking and deadly carnage happen between 5 and 6 minutes.


The YOU Alert can reduce law enforcement response by up to 75%, reducing the average response time by 9 minutes. The YOU Alert is designed to protect students, faculty and staff.

Real Time Emergency & Threat Alerts

YOU Alerts are preset by the school administrator that send to other teachers, administration, and law enforcement.

Active Shooter
Classroom Disruption
Building Evacuations
Bomb Threats
Health or Virus Alert
Sexual Predator


There is only one goal: the safety and security of students, faculty, and staff.

Intruders on Campus
School Bus Incidents
Hurricane Warning
Winter Storms
Snow Delays